How To Write A Press Release For A Book

The best call to actions are clear, direct, and urgent. Don’t include multiple calls to action – choose one and express it in the simplest, most direct way possible.

Step 2: Use a Syndication Service

Now that you have a press release, it’s time to get it sent out to all those new agencies.  This is called mass syndication.  Luckily you don’t have to do this by hand!

Just choose a syndication service, and they’ll get it out there for you:

  • PR Urgent[12]: A free service also offering a 24-hour approval option for a single fee of $9.95
  • PR Web[13]: $99 for a basic service hosting your release on their site, or $159 to have your release sent out to “thousands of news outlets”

Sounds impressive, right? Talk about mass quantity!

But, as you might imagine, “reach” does not equal “read” or “conversion.”  Here’s a great article by someone who’s press release had 12,000 online impressions – but only 300 real views![14]

The truth is, just because you wrote something (especially if it’s generic) and it gets placed on a lot of syndicates, doesn’t mean that people will purchase.  Exposure doesn’t mean sales.  Instead, you need to create a newsworthy PR that is not only unique but catchy too.

When you do that, you’ve definitely got something.  Let’s look at some examples of how someone potentially used the PR system to explode their book.

Author Press Release Services

If creating an epic book press release scares you or you don’t think you can come up with something, then I’d recommend finding a book publicist[15] or checking out some of these special book press release services.

Warning: I have not tried any of these for my books but instead did research on what people were claiming.

pr for books logo

PR For Books[16]: This is a specialist, UK based book promotion company which currently charges just under $290 for their services. PR For Books sells their services on the basis that they are a specialist book marketing company with over a decade of experience. They claim to have a track record dealing with the most relevant sources of publicity for authors – book reviewers[17] and literary media, for example.

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